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What is it?
Kinovy is cold-water-soluble gelatine for all your recipes. Quick and easy to use, it’s the smart ingredient for foolproof baking and desserts.
How is it used?
With its sachet format, Kinovy can easily be added to mousses, panna cotta, bavarois, cheesecakes, charlottes and fruit jellies.
Quantity & Use:
one gelatine leaf = one 6 g sachet

Dilute the contents of one sachet in water at room temperature. Then mix on a high speed for 60 seconds.
It couldn’t be easier!
Pork-based gelatine.
Convenient :
One 6 g sachet of Kinovy
= one gelatine leaf
Quick :
no soaking, Kinovy sets at
room temperature
Easy :
no more fiddly bits
Cost-effective :
unbeatable value for money
Hygienic :
keep your hands clean !
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